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Finestrat, a treasure from the sea and mountains
Finestrat, one of the most emblematic of the Costa Blanca, is easily reachable by the imposing height of its peak Puig Campana. Thanks to the prominence on landscape of the province exercises this mountain; we know immediately exact location of this picturesque village where Moorish streets and terraced houses captivate us on the rock. The natural treasures of this population down to the sea are his beach that is bathed by the warm waters of the Mediterranean creek that bears his name. Few enclaves in the world with these whimsical  blessings of nature.

The sea, our little paradise
In the coastal area, Finestrat open sea in a beautiful bay, protected by a rocky terrain that preserves acoustically and add in the quiet of a seascape, typically Mediterranean.
Aware of the privilege of such a natural treasure, their municipal officials have extreme care for the environment, coming to get so continuous and ongoing since 1987, La Cala de Finestrat holds the distinction of flag Blue.
Private enterprise, in turn, has generated a range of hotels, restaurants and leisure, harmony with this beautiful beach of fine white sand. The suggestive restaurants allow visitors to taste the delicious cuisine at sea.

Between sea and mountain
The old town of Finestrat, located only 9 kilometres from the beach, overlooking rows of  terraced houses on the foothills of the highest peak in the region. In this context Geographic, the scenario that offers Finestrat from the outside is really amazing.
On a walk pr its oldest part, dotted with picturesque spots and gardens are interest in the Church of Sant Bertomeu, the Chapel of the Holy Christ's Remedy and other religious symbols such as 'Taulells'.
Its historic center was built on the foundations of an ancient Moorish castle deonde the viewpoint 'The Castle' offers magnificent views.
The legend of the mountain El Puig Campana mountain is legendary, with its 1410 meters high, its proximity to the coast and their peculiar ways, one of the most emblematic of the Costa Blanca. No This mountain does not understand the history of Finestrat, it has kept her skirts and spoiled as his most precious treasure.
In the Puig Campana, conservation area, find the ideal place to enjoy of nature in its purest form. Both walkers and climbers and adventurers those who simply like to enjoy this beautiful mountain, with the Puig Campana a benchmark for the east coast.

A look back
Given its geographical location, Finestrat has hosted many civilizations throughout its history. On Upper Paleolithic remains and ancient cultures like the Ober and Roman origin dates back a1.280 Finestrat, when Peter III, son of James I Conqueror, gave the 'Carta Puebla' to the locals.
Finestrat village with Moorish accent, reflects on the peculiar structure of its streets and its archaeological remains, the charm of the Mediterranean peoples.
Are worth visiting, the value of its artistic heritage, history or the beauty of natural environment. 'The Castle', the Tower, the shrine of 'Santíssim Remei Crist' Church 'Sant Bertomeu' and 'Font del Moli'.

Gastronomy, pleasure to your palate
The various cultures that have occupied this land over the centuries have left an rich gastronomic heritage, perfectly adapted to the products offered by this privileged environment.
Typical foods as' arròs fessols i amb naps', 'pebreres carved', 'coca rotated' or 'arròs a band 'are some of the dishes that visitors can not fail to try.
The famous Mediterranean garden and the raw material of our mountains, along with proximity to fishing ports and the expertise of our chefs, satisfaction guaranteed culinary visitors to Finestrat.

Mediterranean Fun
Finestrat is a town of deep-rooted traditions, which has led to different festive events, participatory, traditional, and completely open to visitors.
From January to the party in honor of Sant Antoni del Porquet, recalls his holidays Finestrat more traditional throughout the year: Sant Blai (February), The Week Ereta Santa, La Nit de Sant Joan (June 23) festivals in honor of the tourist (in September) and Of course, the festivities in honor of St. Bartholomew and the Holy Christ's Remedy around 24 August.
These celebrations are full of music, devotion, joy, and gunpowder with which Finestrat lights and nights through the traditional fantasy of fireworks.
Furthermore, in the leisure visitor, the Puig Campana and its surroundings represent a protected natural space to enjoy nature in its purest form, either for contemplative walk, to the practice of alpine adventure and sports.

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    Finesstrat Poble
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    Ermita del santisimo Cristo del Remedio
  • Finestrat
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    Cala de Finestrat
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    Iglesia de San Bartolomé
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