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Finestrat at your table

Finestrat, facing the sea and anchored to the ground, its cuisine has adapted perfectly with what it offered and offers its surroundings. The taste of the Mediterranean, spiced with the special touch and unmistakable huertanos products and mountain have made this town is known internationally for its good food.

Nothing is strange in Finestrat cuisine: vegetables from your own vegetable garden, game meat from his mountain and fish and shellfish from the sea have made possible over the years, the consolidation of very traditional dishes that give a personality unique to all your culinary delights.

So Finestrat: a volcano gourmet culinary delights for its simplicity and represents one of the hallmarks of this town.

The Sea

Influenced by the sea, Finestrat has made art of the use of fish and shellfish in the kitchen throughout history. In fact, its cuisine would not be understood without the delicious seafood.

Sitting next to the Mediterranean and taste its "arròs a banda ", "rice with lobster, the famous" rice with seafood, "the" fideuà "or the lesser known fish pots, is a pleasure that few visitors want to miss during your stay in this county.
Shellfish, crustaceans and fish are known for their freshness, which is given by the proximity to the fishing port of Villajoyosa and Calpe. Prawns, lobsters, crabs, crabs and prawns, cuttlefish and squid ... Sauces? A taste of the most demanding palate.
Bream and sea bass are among the fish most sought by tourists who know that their preparation is a specialty of Finestrat. Nor should we forget the hake, whiting, monkfish or sardines, which prepared in different ways, provided the visitor's taste, can turn a meal into a delight. That's the point.

Although any self-respecting delicious food would not be complete if the environment is attached. The charm of eating in Finestrat also lies in its restaurants to the seashore, where they perceive the purest Mediterranean influences.

The Mountain

Finestrat is also a mountain village. Moreover, it would seem that is the quintessential mountain town on the Costa Blanca. Do not forget that Finestrat born at the foot of Puig Campana mountain of 1,410 meters above sea level dominating the landscape of the district of Marina Baixa.

Thus, one could not conceive of a typical food without the products offered by the mountain itself and her garden. Thus, we can enjoy its mountain restaurants known the tasty rice with rabbit, beef stews, or the most varied dishes cooked with partridge and rabbits were killed in the mountain itself.

The seasoning of the dishes, based mainly on the thyme and rosemary, is unique touch to the kitchen of Finestrat. We can not forget the snails, which give many foods an unparalleled distinction.

La Huerta
From its origins Finestrat and the surroundings are characterized by their dedication to agricultural work. The gardens are rich in fruits and vegetables, naturally used to strengthen the local cuisine as one of the most varied and rich.
From this wealth of ingredients comes his historic "arròs fesols i amb naps", his "pebreres carved, " "Coca silly" and "turned coca" a very old recipe cake based on the sardine or sausage with tomato, pepper and onion.
One of the main dishes is known and recognized "tarongetes them. " Do not hesitate to ask.
To delight the palate, nothing beats the "coca anflocà", which uses seasonal vegetables for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.
The fruit is also used both to give a special flavor to the most typical dishes and pastries to elaborate and varied.
As a major tourist center, the restaurant industry offers the widest range of international cuisines. Noblesse oblige.
The rich variety of cuisine from our Finestrat is completed with accompanying fine wines from Alicante, internationally recognized by the best sommeliers.

The Pastry

Own a creative and varied cuisine, bakery is one of the best known of the area. Simple and tasty, we sweeten your stay, with great skill by completing our tour of the local gastronomy. Of course, the best travel option.
Among the traditional desserts we find the "arrop talladetes amb. Using fruit from the garden itself, well done, us towards these desserts as healthy.
The Restaurants
Finestrat restaurant location defined in some way the type of cuisine served in them. Village establishments have specialized in meat dishes from the mountain and the garden, while the restaurants of La Cala are famous for delighting its guests with cuisine of seafood.
In the more than 50 eateries of the town you can enjoy a wide variety of possibilities: from seafood restaurants and ice cream and international artisans in the area of the beach of Cala de Finestrat, restaurants, local cuisine and mountain the historic center of town, where even the most well-known national and international franchises, located in the shopping boulevard.

Finestrat at your table.

  • Coca Girada
    Coca Girada
  • Arròs a banda
    Arròs a banda
  • Cala de Finestrat
    Cala de Finestrat
  • Arròs amb fesols i naps
    Arròs amb fesols i naps
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