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Where the habit becomes a feast.

From times greater than just recall, Finestrat has been a people rooted in their own customs, held each year to become a town tradition that is characterized by cultural diversity of its inhabitants. Moreover, Finestrat has adapted these demonstrations to the idiosyncrasies of its inhabitants, which has led to large festive events. It is on those occasions when finestratenses rubrican his passion for music, fireworks, tradition and parades. Finestrat also been incorporated into their parties all the elements characteristic of the town: the joy of the sea, the color of his mountain, fire in their hearts and the richness of its gastronomy, which has made each holiday can be recognized by the type food that is cooked. 


Sant Antoni del Porquet, in mid-January

One of the oldest traditions of Finestrat is preserved through the celebration of Sant Antoni del Porquet "pig raising for the party. Formerly the local youths roamed the streets of the town house by house, one week before the January 17, collecting food for the party, so that each family had to donate some sweet food. The festival of Sant Antoni is celebrated on the solstice and continues the tradition to young people go walking the pig and collecting donations from residents, house by house. As a final point, it holds an auction of the material collected.


Sant Blai, in early February

The festival of Sant Blai occupies a site as relevant as your celebration that precedes it, Sant Antoni, but with certain peculiarities. Some demonstrations were given previously in this event were as original as the draw of "l'arra" a cake made of sponge cake that some children have during the entire "round", while the overseers sold for the lottery numbers. Currently, residents of Finestrat and visitors flock to the "Font del Moli, a beautiful natural setting to enjoy living together and eating traditional delicacies.


The Ereta day, in Holy Week

The tradition mark each Easter Monday, at the place where the mayor decided, were placed nougat stalls and grooms accustomed to lunch together. The bride wore the "monkey" and the groom had the "heavy", which was to buy nougat, sugared almonds or other sweets, according to the possibilities of each. The competition was between the boys was such that sometimes there was the fact that some rich man bought the place for his girlfriend and the others were "made without girlfriend", as many couples broke. By uploading to the "Font del Moli" to eat "cute" Easter has become a fixed date and unavoidable for the citizens of Finestrat, a day of joy and living in a privileged spot to enjoy the best products in the area. 


Nit de Sant Joan, 23 to June 24

The summer solstice arrives at the Mediterranean laden with symbolism, magic, party, music, dance and fire, especially fire. In Finestrat is the beach of Cala which hosts popular acts, focusing on the ancient rite of purification, the essential elements are fire and water. Young people light bonfires on the sand beside the sea, and then they jump on them. The festival is combined with group dances, food tasting and, to tradition, with a dip in the waters that morning of June 24 has some special qualities. The music and fireworks brighten the night.


Festivities, around 24 August, the day of Sant Bertomeu

Finestrat Parish Church, dating from the eighteenth century and dedicated to the patron of the town, Sant Bertomeu, vibrates during festivals in late August, also dedicated to Santíssim Remei Crist.
These parties are held for over a hundred years around the August 24, the day that celebrates Saint Bertomeu. There are some parties where the devotion has managed to combine a splendidly with fun and joy of the moment, making it the perfect place Finestrat for the enjoyment and the coexistence of its inhabitants with their visitors.
During these days, certainly the most relevant to Finestrat, combines devotion with fun masterfully to the delight of locals and tourists. They are street parties, open to the public, and a multitude of events such as costume parades, concerts, food tasting, children's activities, flower offerings, religious ceremonies and lots of powder, clear tradition of our region, this holiday marking Mediterranean character.



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