The Village


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The Village 

Finestrat is a delightful coastal town and mountain at the same time combining stillness of the green and rocky nature of the high peaks of Puig Campana with the cosmopolitan attractions of Cala, familiar and peaceful destination.

A 9 km from the beach, the historic center of Finestrat emerge in the eyes of visitors, high on a hill very open to just 238 meters above the sea level. The streets of Moorish origin, traditional facade, with floors of white paint and door, dissolve the village of Finestrat on a soft earth terrain.

Visitors can stroll leisurely walk through the streets and squares of Finestrat, breathing oxygen from their nearby pine trees and the fragrance of the old orchards of almond, olive and carob trees at dawn recognize the smell of freshly baked bread ... only 9 kilometers the beach of Cala and the foothills of the impressive Puig Campana.

Town with personality

Finestrat is one of the people of the most charming Costa Blanca, which has respected the traditional housing structure, perched on a rock casts, behind the bulk of the Puig Campana and staring out to sea.

The old town is built on the foundations of an ancient Arab castle, since 1924, took the Chapel of the Holy Christ's Remedy, next to the famous viewpoint Castell.

Strolling through the streets of Moorish origin is clearly a treat in store for this town and the best way to see the inside of this town so inviting. Between Hostel Carrer de Sant Miquel and end the visitor through its paces in the small Plaza of the turret, located under the structure of the Church of Sant Bertomeu (1751), a temple vibrated during major holidays, 24 August, and the pilgrimage of San Blas, in early February.

For these and many other charms Finestrat is known: its planning orderly, respectful of traditional architecture in harmony with the surrounding natural environment.

To modernity

Over the years Finestrat retains its distinctive local color while walking to adapt to modern times. Its growth has impacted on the perfect combination of tradition and commitment to the future. Residential to be settled in the municipality respecting the style and color of the people to preserve harmony with the environment.

Undoubtedly, both historical and new developments in Finestrat have become habitual residence of citizens of other countries that choose this county attracted by its charm, its natural environment and climate.

Municipal Services

Living in Finestrat is to live in a town full of amenities. For years we have been working for the municipality to meet the needs of its growing population. Education, health, social, urban, cultural and environmental policies are available to all residents and visitors to the municipality.

Furthermore, within the municipality are the largest industrial and commercial boulevard in the area, a reference in the creation and consolidation of companies that coexists harmoniously with the small traditional shops.

Industrial and Commercial Boulevard

Throughout history, Finestrat has based its economy on agriculture with the cultivation of almond, olive, orange and loquat. Ever since the eighties discovered his great tourism potential and strategic location, this county opted for other incentive to its economy by increasing proliferation of industry in the municipality.

To this end, the City Council of the municipality enabled a modern estate has continued to grow over three decades to establish itself as a grand boulevard of industrial and commercial premises. In this same mall the Business Incubator of the Alicante Chamber of Commerce offers entrepreneurs all the services and infrastructure to encourage the creation and consolidation of companies.

Without a doubt, is a village Finestrat promising future. Its economy grows, its natural environment is respected and admired and its special charm is still winning year after year to tourists who visit it.

The village

  • Pueblo de Finestrat
    Pueblo de Finestrat
  • Vista nocturna de Finestrat
    Vista nocturna de Finestrat
  • Vistas desde el pueblo
    Vistas desde el pueblo
  • Calle del Castillo
    Calle del Castillo
  • Casas colgantes
    Casas colgantes
  • Finestrat y el Puig Campana
    Finestrat y el Puig Campana
  • Vistas del pueblo y la montaña
    Vistas del pueblo y la montaña
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